Family Fun with Very x Samsung’s ‘The Serif’ smart TV

Family Fun with Very x Samsung’s ‘The Serif’ smart TV


There are televisions and then there are TELE-VI-SIONS. Not all TVs are born equal, some look better, are faster and by nature – add more value to your life. Now this is not a diss to other TV’s, I’ve got respect for lots of different types of televisions, big and small – but now I’ve been exposed to all 49 inches of Samsung’s Serif Smart TV, there’s no way I’m going back.

If we have learnt anything in this last year, it’s how to entertain ourselves and our families within the four walls of our own home. As the soft play centres closed and the rainy weather made going to the park impossible, parents all across the country were trying, day after day, to be as creative as possible to keep them and their kids from losing it. Well now, with Samsung’s new smart TV, we have an interactive TV with amazing functionality and picture clarity that is a great option for family entertainment.

I opened the TV box and the first thing that struck me was the design. The all white, sleek, bold design is modern and cool and definitely striking. It fits in well with our living room furniture while also subtly standing out in it’s own way. The second thing that struck me was the amazing picture quality, it literally feels like the characters are popping out of the TV! We enjoy watching Our Planet (got to love a bit of Attenborough) on Netflix and on this TV it ridiculously, I mean RI-DIC-U-LOUSLY good. I felt like I was in the jungle, I felt like one of the Chimpanzee family lol. For those in the know, the picture quality is 3840 Γ— 2160 Ultra HD resolution and uses QLED picture technology supported by Dual LED backlighting delivers that delivers 100% colour volume. Put shortly, it’s dope – you just need to see it in person for yourself.

The functionality on the TV is super simple which is great for someone like me. I’m not the most tech savvy person (nor do I have the will to learn) so easy to use things are a general life rule for me. The remote is really easy to navigate and the home button takes you to to a screen where you can select whether you want to watch Netflix, NOW TV, Disney+, Prime, YouTube or have your pick from a load of other apps. You can even watch TikTok, which being young (lol) and cool millennials we did, of course. And this is where the fun comes in – we did amapiano dance tutorials, watched kids rehearse for kidz bop and watched hours (literally) of football kick-up videos.


Another really simple to use feature is the voice recognition. You literally talk to your remote control and tell your TV what to do. Perfect for a day lying on the sofa watching movies and doing as little as humanly possible lol. In addition, you can use the multi-screen function which allows you to watch TV while also viewing the your mobile phone screen on the TV.

Believe it or not, we also had a bit of fun with the box! All Samsung lifestyle TVs come with a eco packaging as part of their think clean and go green work. We made an assault course for our dog Jesse! He really enjoyed it and even got some treats at the end.


We have the Euros coming up soon so the Samsung Serif is a great addition to the family the a summer of sports, family game nights, music streaming and karaoke nights.Β It’s also pretty affordable, check it out here.


Written by Elliott.

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