No time. No space. No equipment. No excuse! An easy home workout anyone can do with a simple deck of cards! By Adrian Moore

One of the greatest excuses for not training is, of course, “I just don’t have the time”. When you become a parent, this is amplified 100 times. Funny how we all seem to manage to catch up on our favourite boxsets, though, eh? 😊 Anyway, in my previous article I talked about ways to cut your gym time down. But what if you would rather do some workouts at home and maybe just hit the gym once or twice a week? Well, don’t worry – I got you covered. Below is one of the most simple and effective workouts around. All you need is a deck of cards and enough space to do some push-ups, lunges and a plank. So, here goes…

All picture cards are 10

Aces are high (11)

Keep perfect form always

One jump lunge is left and then right. That’s one rep. Yeah, one rep, fool.

Red Cards – all red cards will be push-ups

Black Cards – all black cards will be jump lunges

Jokers – both Jokers will be a plank hold.

Right, let’s do it

I think you all know what is coming, right? Yep…shuffle the deck, turn the pack face down and turn over your first card. 9 of Hearts. Get down and do 9 push-ups. Next card… 4 of Clubs. Four jump lunges. Next card… Joker. Hold a plank for maximum time.
Keep going until the deck is done. This workout should be pretty tough! But if you are a sucker for punishment and fancy finishing with some abs work, then follow the below!

Ab workout (for the hardcore ones!)

Single arm/leg plank x 30s
Side plank x 30s
Plank x 30s
Plank shoulder taps x 20reps (left, right is one rep)

No excuses.

See you next time!

Written by Adrian

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